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Recent Rothsay Boys Basketball News

The Little Eight and Pheasant Conferences had their annual Senior All-Star game this past weekend at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy's Gymnasium. This event first started in 2018 and has continued as something that senior student-athletes really enjoy. The Little Eight Conference team was coached by Ryan Garvin and the Pheasant conference team was coached by Kraig Hunter. The game was close throughout and not a lot of defense was played until the final 5 minutes of the game. With 3 seconds left in regulation there was a half-court shot for the win that just missed going in. When the buzzer sounded it was 90-90 and the first ever overtime took place. The final score was 96-95 in favor of the Pheasant conference. This event provided a ton of smiles, laughs, handshakes and hugs as the players, coaches, and fans were all able to enjoy the night.