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Wadena-Deer Creek Host A-B-E and Pillager in CC Invite

By Craig Olson, 09/18/20, 8:00AM CDT


The Ashby/Brandon-Evansville Cross Country teams ran against Wadena-Deer Creek and Pillager on Thursday at the Wadena-Deer Creek Invitational.  Wadena-Deer Creek won the girls’ race with 18 points, followed by Pillager (43) and A-B-E (71).  Ashby/Brandon-Evansville won the boys’ race with 23 points, followed by WDC (41) and Pillager (79).

“This race was another testament to the competitive nature of our team,” said A-B-E Head Coach Robert Bosma. “Hannah Korkowski ran in her first varsity race and did great. She had been looking great in practice, so we wanted to see where she was with a 5K. She ended up being second for our team and still learning when she needs to surge and attack the course. Gretchen Bredberg was another who ran a great race. At one point in the race, Courtney Brethorst was struggling and Gretchen slowed down to help her through it and finish. Though Gretchen could have run a better time, her leadership and character proved her value to this team.”   

Here are the individual girls’ results by team:
6. Lucea Wales 23:39.1, 11. Hannah Korkowski 24:31.0, 15. Gretchen Bredberg 25:55.4, 18. Courtney Brethorst 26:13.0, 21. Cailey Schloser 27:18.7

Wadena-Deer Creek
1. Kira Sweeney 20:02.3, 2. Amber Collins 21:27.5, 3. Johanna Brunsberg 22:06.9, 5. Emma Ries 23:35.0, 7. Emma Mehl 23:46.8, 13. Macey Goeden 25:27.5, 19. Hailey Peterson 26:13.4, 20. Emma Bushinger 26:46.1

4. Emma Reeder 23:10.4, 8. Lindy Cordes 23:50.8, 9. Allie Watson 24:29.2, 10. Greta Hall 24:29.9, 12. Elsie Turner 24:43.0, 14. Sienna Swanberg 25:37.5, 16. Ava Swanberg 26:05.6, 17. Kylee Wilson 26:10.5

“Our guys continue to show how they are improving, too,” said Bosma. “For much of the race, we had six guys running in a pack, 4 of who ran PR’s. They used each other’s energy and took control of the race from the beginning. Logan Froemming has been suffering from a leg injury that has held him back, but he finally looked lose on the course and we expect his time start dropping. Matson Hoff is another one whose form is really starting to come together. He is able to start relaxing his shoulders and lengthen his stride. This allows him to make improvements each race.”

Here are the individual boys’ results by team:
1. Hunter Norby 18:23.6, 4. Micah Fossell 19:33.6, 5. Sully Wales 19:34.1, 6. Wes Siira 19:44.8, 7. Logan Froemming 19:51.7, 8. Jayden Hoidahl 19:53.5, 9. Matson Hoff 20:32.3, 11. Jaden Norby 20:41.8

Wadena-Deer Creek
2. Bjorn Brunsberg 18:54.4, 3. Lane Hoefs 18:58.0, 10. Phillip Ross 20:36.2, 12. Simon Snyder 20:45.4, 14. Eric Malone 22:03.3

13. Carter Mielke 21:54.1, 15. Jacob Hauge 23:43.7, 16. Gabe Grimsley 24:08.2, 17. Gunnar Casuse 24:24.2, 18. Brenden Brichacek 24:52.1  

“The JV runners keep running great races, which really pushes the varsity,” added Coach Bosma. “As long as the JV guys put pressure on the varsity, everyone’s times keep dropping. Though they don’t always get the recognition that varsity guys do, they are vital to this team and would be able to run for many of the teams we’ve seen this year.  Without their efforts in practice and meets, our Varsity team wouldn’t see the same success.” 

The next meet for A-B-E is next Thursday in Bertha with Bertha-Hewitt and Wadena Deer Creek.