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Senior Student Athlete Profile: Haley Hoemberg (Sebeka)

By Craig Olson, 05/17/20, 1:00PM CDT


Sebeka senior Haley Hoemberg was a part of the Boys Basketball Cheer team throughout her high school career.  “We always have a blast during practice,” said Hoemberg. “It is really cool to look back and see how all of our stunts have progressed over the past four years.”

College is not in the immediate plans for Hoemberg.  “I hope to get a full time job this summer and continue with that until I decide what I want to do for my career.  I have enjoyed taking a few online college classes.  Some have been stressful, but have overall taught me to be more independent because I had to make sure I got my assignments done without physically having a teacher tell me to get them done!”

Her Cheer Coach Sarah Kuschel shared this about Haley, “Haley was an all-around athlete on the cheer team. She could serve as our tumbler adding to performances, had great flexibility, a good jumper and a strong base. She spent most her time as the back spot directing her stunt groups. I greatly enjoyed watching Haley share her love for the sport with this years’ elementary cheerleaders as that is where I first saw her enthusiasm begin. I will miss her talents next year and hope that she will always look back and remember the great times and how important a smile truly is.”

“Being a part of a sports program has impacted me by making me get out of my comfort zone, and that helped me figure out that I can push myself much further than I thought I could,” noted Hoemberg.  “It also made me more confident.  I used to be really shy and I remember how nervous I was for my first game four years ago.  I knew people would be watching us as we were the first Cheer Squad in a few years.  As a team we got through it and since then it kept getting better and better and I even gained quite a few new friends along the way.”

“My advice to underclassmen is to make the most of high school while you can, go to school events, go to games, and hang out with your friends,” added Hoemberg.  “Everyone always talks about how fast it goes by and I never thought it was going by fast enough, but now I don’t know how in less than a month I will be graduating.  It’s crazy at how fast it does creep up on you.”