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Frazee and DGF Join Vikings at Pelican Rapids Wrestling Triangular

By Craig Olson, 12/11/19, 8:45AM CST


The Frazee Hornets won both of their matches as they participated with Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton and Pelican Rapids on Tuesday night at the Pelican Rapids Wrestling Invitational.

Pelican Rapids Triangular
Frazee (FRAZ) 72.0 Pelican Rapids (PERA) 6.0
106: Karsen Trieglaff (FRAZ) over Phillip Dykhoff (PERA) (Fall 3:08)
113: Mason Wilkowski (FRAZ) over (PERA) (For.)
120: Jake Nagel (FRAZ) over Mark Kapenga (PERA) (Fall 0:49)
126: Christian Carlson (FRAZ) over Mark LaPoint (PERA) (Fall 2:23)
132: Lukas Volstad (FRAZ) over Tommy Thach (PERA) (Fall 3:15)
138: Seth Isola (FRAZ) over Jack Kapenga (PERA) (MD 16-7)
145: Kaden Hiemenz (FRAZ) over (PERA) (For.)
152: Matthew Ziebell (PERA) over Caleb DeGroat (FRAZ) (Fall 1:04)
160: Mason Newling (FRAZ) over Max Dykhoff (PERA) (Dec 10-6)
170: Danny Graham (FRAZ) over Noah Kapenga (PERA) (Fall 2:43)
182: Coleton Borah (FRAZ) over Matt Osborne (PERA) (TF 15-0 0:00)
195: Brett Graham (FRAZ) over (PERA) (For.)
220: Luke Tweeton (FRAZ) over (PERA) (For.)
285: Wesley Kropuenske (FRAZ) over (PERA) (For.)

Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (DGF) 54.0 Pelican Rapids (PERA) 21
106: Austin Lenhart (DGF) over Phillip Dykhoff (PERA) (Fall 0:55)
113: Joey Arends (DGF) over Unknown (For.)
120: Roy Rude (DGF) over Mark Kapenga (PERA) (Fall 1:01)
126: Tommy Thach (PERA) over Dawson Zutz (DGF) (Dec 10-3)
132: Mark LaPoint (PERA) over Camden Mustachia (DGF) (Fall 4:34)
138: Jack Kapenga (PERA) over Colton Zutz (DGF) (Dec 8-6)
145: Logan Grubb (DGF) over Troy Bell (PERA) (Fall 0:53)
152: Matthew Ziebell (PERA) over Zander Jenson (DGF) (Dec 5-2)
160: Max Dykhoff (PR) over Logan Johnson (DGF) (Fall 4:25)
170: Carter Schmidt (DGF) over Unknown (For.)
182: Logan Tucker (DGF) over Unknown (For.)
195: Cade Sogge (DGF) over Unknown (For.)
220: Preston Johnson (DGF) over Unknown (For.)
285: Hunter Fischer (DGF) over Unknown (For.)

Frazee (FRAZ) 46.0 Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (DGF) 28.0
106: Austin Lenhart (DGF) over Karsen Trieglaff (FRAZ) (Fall 3:34)
113: Joey Arends (DGF) over Mason Wilkowski (FRAZ) (Fall 4:58)
120: Jake Nagel (FRAZ) over Roy Rude (DGF) (Fall 0:09)
126: Christian Carlson (FRAZ) over Dawson Zutz (DGF) (Fall 0:22)
132: Lukas Volstad (FRAZ) over Camden Mustachia (DGF) (Fall 0:06)
138: Seth Isola (FRAZ) over Colton Zutz (DGF) (Fall 4:54)
145: Kaden Hiemenz (FRAZ) over Logan Grubb (DGF) (Fall 2:54)
152: Zander Jenson (DGF) over Caleb DeGroat (FRAZ) (Fall 2:55)
160: Logan Johnson (DGF) over Mason Newling (FRAZ) (Dec 7-5)
170: Carter Schmidt (DGF) over Danny Graham (FRAZ) (MD 14-2)
182: Coleton Borah (FRAZ) over Cade Sogge (DGF) (Fall 0:50)
195: Brett Graham (FRAZ) over Preston Johnson (DGF) (MD 9-1)
220: Luke Tweeton (FRAZ) over (DGF) (For.)
285: Hunter Fischer (DGF) over Wesley Kropuenske (FRAZ) (MD 15-3) (DGF Unsportsmanlike Conduct -1.0)